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SEI-CMM Level 5             SSE-CMM Level 5             ISO/IEC 27001:2013       |       ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011             ISO 9001:2015

Our eGovernments Focus

Empowering citizens by connecting them with ease to their governments, we specialise in exhaustive software solutions that facilitate a seamless relationship between a government, its citizens and businesses.

The need of the hour today, in an age where information is increasingly becoming democratised, is to enable effortlessness and transparency between a government and its citizens. With technology, we have the potential to manifest that vision, allowing citizens to easily access the services and information they are entitled to. Automation of bureaucratic operations allows scaling to happen faster and more efficiently, thereby reaching more number of people in less time. Automation better enables the country to manage its vast and diverse population and service its citizens effectively.

SRIT  Government  

Automation Suite

With our solution suite, we treat the government as a service provider, and through our eGovernments solution, citizens can avail of government services in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner. Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services will encompass all the services that the Government is delivering to its citizens. Our G2C solutions aim at citizen centric services, automating in various operations. 


We also develop solutions for Government-to-Government (G2G) and Government-to-Business (G2B) operations, thus making our suite a one-stop shop for all bureaucratic services and operations.

Some  G2C  Solution Areas

Issue of Certificates/Permits

Ration Cards


Payment of Bills and taxes

Issue of driving licenses

Registration of motor vehicles

Registration and transfer of properties

FIR Registration

Municipal and Urban Local Body Governance Solution

Building Plan Automation for all ULBs

Municipal Commissionerate, up until Villages

Some of our current Projects

SRIT is currently implementing various multi million dollars eGov projects in partnership with other state and private entities. SRIT is also amongst the few select SI companies implementing various automation projects for the government of India along with eGov Foundation.

"SRIT’s focus in the digital transformation of Government is manifest through our 360-degree involvement in the entire

e-governance lifecycle of 

adoption, implementation and 



We design sustainable models, set-up digital infrastructure for e-governance, contribute to the transformation process through training and technical support. We ensure digital availability through our strategic alignment with RailTel by providing last-mile fibre optic broadband connectivity.


Our experience in large-scale ICT integration, our knowledge equity in Privacy and Security matters, as the world’s first Secured Systems Engineering level 5 company, underline our e-gov focus.

Dr. Madhu Nambiar

Founder, CEO - SRIT


Asset Management

Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) are like corporate organisations in that they have many tangible assets that need to be maintained and accounted for. Asset management is a key step for a ULB to build its balance sheet, and is a critical activity.

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Works Management

Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) have a huge responsibility to build new assets and constantly improve existing ones. Spending on this area constitutes a significant proportion of a ULB’s expenditure. This is also a highly-visible activity. Works management measures impact citizen perception to a large degree.

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Employee Manager

Governments, and more importantly, Urban Local Bodies, employ large numbers of people— Regular employees, contract staff, part time employees etc. Managing staff efficiently and gaining the maximum productivity out of them is a key responsibility for a ULB.

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Payroll Management

Governments, and more importantly, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), employ large numbers of people. While smaller staff sizes can be handled easily, large-size organisations such as ULBs require a professional system. The traditional method of using manual registers is cumbersome and error-prone.

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Financial Management

Urban Local Bodies need to expand from time-to-time to keep pace with the growing needs of modern cities. A ULB has to be fiscally sound to get a good credit score, and therefore be in a better position to raise funds for its growth needs.

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Land & Estate

Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) lease out properties held by them. The compensation received through rentals is a source of revenue for a ULB.

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Online Building Permission Systems (OBPS)

Online Building Permission System (OBPS) enables local government to bring in transparency, accountability and time-bound service for the public. With DIGIT-OBPS, professionals like architects, engineers, supervisors can seek permission for construction of a building from any urban Local Bodies/District Town and Country Planning/Centre for Municipal Administration with a speedy, hassle-free and user-friendly procedure, online.

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Public Grievance Redressal


Public Grievance Redressal (PGR) is a self-service web and mobile based, easy-to-use and configurable product for submission of grievances by the citizen from anywhere, anytime.

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Property Tax &

Trade Licence

Property Tax (PT) is a self service web and mobile based, easy to use and configurable, product that addresses the objectives of municipal corporations and local governments to automate all property tax operations, thus providing property tax assessment and payment services to citizens in real-time.


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Trade License enables local government to regulate the trade and protect the interest of the public at large against the health hazard and inconvenience which a business may cause. Traders can obtain the trade certificate in a simplified manner and ensure compliance with rules and safety guidelines issues by the government.

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SRIT is a 23 year old software products and services company based in Bangalore, India. A leading eGov and ICT Systems Integration Company for the Government of India since 1999, SRIT is also a leading software products and services company in the eHealth space.

About our tried-tested-proven eGov Foundation solution framework

Together with eGov Foundation, our target is to support urban transformation and improve governance, by completing implementation in 2000 cities by Financial Year 2021-22


  • Our eGov Foundation Stack is a set of Open APIs, and services, and reference implementations, set up as a public good, to allow government entities, businesses, start-ups, and civil society to use a unique digital Infrastructure and build solutions for cities at a large scale.

  • Our eGov Foundation Stack is being implemented in more than 16 states impacting over 170mill citizens. Generated more than 15,000cr (US$2bn) in revenue for City, Municipal &  Local Bodies

  • Our eGov Foundation Stack’s Online Building Permission System (OBPS) is LIVE and in full use in 100’s of Urban bodies, Town & Country Planning organizations, and Housing Development Corporations in multiple States. 

eGovernance for Educational Institutions and Universities

IUMS - Integrated University Management System is a holistic solution that can handle the entire gamut of

on-campus and off-campus activities in a School, College or University.

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